Journey to My Next Phase of Life

I am Kaviyarasu from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Since June 6th 2016 I got an opportunity to work as Asst. SystemAnalyst at MOTHERCODE SOFTWARE SYSTEMS and also this is my first job as a Developer after completing my engineering. Initially I was trained with basics, how to debug a code & most importantly listening and analysing the requirements properly actually that helped me alot and improved myself from day to day and I can see myself with good progress. I am always thankful to Prasanna Sir, Sathish & Nirmal who encouraged & supported me in the beginning & till now.

Years passed with successful projects with lots of learning and then I assigned to DPS Project on October 2019 Niimi san came to India he explained about the Project, Initially it’s hard to understand the flow & logics because the flow of process is multiple application across platform and then we plan to improve day by day and sometimes we learnt from the mistakes what we did.

In 2020 we got an opportunity to go to Japan & work with the DPS Team in Inspeedia Inc, Japan to learn and continue our development but unfortunately COVID stopped our journey. Initially we felt very bad and then moved on then continued our development with the DPS Project with various versions. We learned a lot about what to do and what do not.

After two years again I got opportunity to go to Japan & work with the DPS Team, To be frank initially i was afraid about, will COVID again burst this opportunity again because the cause of virus spread started again but then I had support from my colleagues & family member to not worry about. Then I got EligibilityCertificate from INSP. Then I applied for a VISA and it got approved, It happened like magic because this is my 1st Flight experience. Got full support from Prasanna sir, Sundari mam & my Colleagues.

Days are near to start my next chapter in my life to start that i’ve to be prepared for everything.

On May 31st 2023 started Journey to My Next phase of life, it’s really hard to leave family, friends but to go to the next level of my transformation i’ve to sacrifice and gear up for my next Destination in life.

One June 1st 2023 Landed at Nagoya, Japan I was really excited to meet my Boss Takahashi sir, but I was surprised my boss Takahashi sir & Chizu mam greeted and welcomed me with joy. Then we travelled from Airport to my apartment. In the meantime I was enjoying the view outside, the good part is I didn’t hear any horn sound start from the Airport. It’s really nice. And then we reached our flat and the boss gave me the room tour. Then he gave his warm support with his words and a huge hug from him that made me really comfortable and hope to start my journey.

Next day, June 2nd 2023, Entered Office with full of excitement and my boss introduced everyone. I was so happy to meet everyone because previously I was speaking via Slack/Zoom. Finally the day came to meet everyone and start my work.  
From Day 1 I started my day with new hope and I learned many things apart from my skills, the way everyone gestured with others it’s nice. Everyone in the office tried to comfort me and it made me hope and also they cared for me.

I usually like to cook, so I wanted to prepare their favourite food and present it to my boss and mam they really liked my cooking. And in return they presented me with a Japanese meal. Wow, that’s really nice. I really enjoyed the meal.

On July 5th My project lead Niimi san took everyone out for lunch . I was so excited to taste the food. I really enjoyed the food. It was really hot RamenNoodles, Rice and eggs. Wow, that’s really an experience for me. In return, I wanted to cook his favourite Indian food, Chapati. He said he liked the food and shared it with everyone that’s really nice of him.

After spending one month I adopted myself completely with Task. I like to give my full effort to work with everyone. And this chapter will continue.

I am really thankful to Takahashi sir & Prasanna Sir and also to my colleagues who have given me full support till now.

Thank You so much mam for this opportunity. I really thank you so much mam from day 1 your care for me alot that’s really so nice of you mam. I didn’t feel like I missed my family here.

Thank & Regards
Kaviyarasu Ganesan.



私はインドのタミル・ナドゥ州チェンナイ出身のカビ・ヤラスです。 2016年6月6日からアシスタントとして働いています。
MOTHERCODE SOFTWARE SYSTEMS の SystemAnalyst であり、エンジニアリングを終えた後、開発者としての最初の仕事でもあります。

多くのことを学びながらプロジェクトを成功させて数年が経ち、2019 年 10 月に私は DPS プロジェクトに配属されました。

2020年に私たちは日本に行き、日本のInspeedia Inc.のDPSチームと協力して学び、開発を続ける機会を得ましたが、残念ながら新型コロナウイルスによって私たちの旅は中止になってしまいました。最初は非常に残念に感じましたが、次に進み、さまざまなバージョンで DPS プロジェクトの開発を続けました。私たちは何をすべきか、何をすべきではないかについて多くのことを学びました。




2023 年 6 月 1 日、日本の名古屋に到着しました。上司にお会いできるのをとても楽しみにしていましたが、社長とその奥様が私を喜んで迎えてくれて驚いたのには驚きました。それから私たちは空港から私のアパートまで移動しました。その間、外の景色を眺めていましたが、良かったのは空港からクラクションの音が聞こえなかったことです。それはとても素敵です。そして私たちはアパートに到着し、上司が部屋を案内してくれました。それから彼は言葉と大きなハグで温かいサポートをしてくれたので、私は本当に安心して旅を始めることができました。

翌日、2023 年 6 月 2 日、興奮しながらオフィスに入り、社長が全員を紹介しました。以前は Slack/Zoom で話していたので、皆さんにお会いできてとても嬉しかったです。ついにみんなに会って仕事を始める日が来ました。



1 か月を費やした後、私は Task に完全に慣れました。全力でみんなと一緒に仕事をしていきたいと思っています。そしてこの章は続きます。